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Humour is a great tool for young people’s self-development. It increases self-confidence, creativity, teamwork and social skills.
At Punch Lion this is the core of our workshops for young people.
Have a read of our workshop descriptions below for ages 5 – 18 and keep an eye out for a workshop in your area.

Punch Lion Comedy Cubs
Comedy Workshops for Children

Do you want to learn how to be funny? Do you want to learn how to make brilliant jokes?? Are you good at acting funny??? Then join the Punch Lion Comedy Cubs!

We teach a variety of comedy performance skills ranging from stand-up comedy to comedy improvisation, sketches to comedy acting and silly story-telling to ridiculous songs.

A confidence building workshop in a supportive environment. Our classes are fun, positive and shhhhh (don’t tell anyone!) …a great laugh!

Classes for ages 5 – 7 and 8 – 12.

 Punch Lion Comedy Crew – Comedy Workshops for Teenagers

Are you interested in learning more about comedy performance?

Considering a career in stand-up comedy or comedy acting?

Are you a Joker?? Then join the Punch Lion Comedy Crew.

We’ll show you the tricks of the trade. How to develop material? How to act with confidence? How to be yourself and make people laugh while you keep a straight face? We’ll teach you techniques used for stand-up comedy, comedy improvisation, sketches and comedy acting.

A confidence building workshop opening up students to express their inner comedian, entertainer or satirical actor. Our classes are supportive, constructive and fun.

Classes for ages 13 – 15 and 16 – 18.

All of our workshops are hosted by trained and experienced facilitators. Maximum number per class is 15.